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For the most part, websites offer unlock codes for TELUS LG G6, but they charge you with lot money for it. If you are worried about how much you have to pay, worry no longer because you can easily get the TELUS device unlock code for TELUS LG G6 For free.

Why Do I Need To Unlock TELUS LG G6?

When you buy your TELUS LG G6 device, it is programmed to only work with TELUS Wireless carrier. If you want to use different SIM card from TELUS on your TELUS device, you are going to need to Unlock TELUS LG G6 device.

Steps To Unlock TELUS LG G6 For Free

  • * First find the IMEI of TELUS LG G6 by dialing *#06# through your phone’s dialer.
  • * Go to our website : www.attunlockcode.com
  • * Find the promotion offer of free unlock code for TELUS LG G6 on the website.
  • * Provide us the IMEI you found of your TELUS LG G6 along with an email address on which you are willing to receive the code.

You will receive a free unlock code for TELUS LG G6 through email, follow all the instructions provided in the email to get your TELUS LG G6.


The process for the free TELUS devices unlock code is very simple. First you buy the code from us and after receiving the unlock code, make a proper video of “How To Unlock TELUS LG G6” and send it to us, if your video is good and it explains what we require, we provide you a 100% refund instantly. You can see the sample videos as made by the customers; How To Get Free TELUS Unlock Codes.